This blog is under construction

This blog is under construction.

It’s time to move on.

ADOGG aka Allen D


Did You Know?

The “Information Transfer Efficiency”—>


The Use of Either Singular or—>

Multiple WordPress Websites—>

is Absolutely Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!—>

In Regard 2 How Well WordPress Can—>

Develop, Organize and Present—>

Written And YouTube Video Material

Over Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn,

Twitter, WordPress Itself and—>

The Rest Of The Internet!

This WordPress Blog was professionally prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic WordPress Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our WordPress Blogs, WordPress Websites and WordPress iDESKS Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebook, Apple (without this iMac I would have been silenced almost two years ago), Twitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—>

Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and Humanity Free!

69 PATRIOT Movement WordPress iDESKS (69 WordPress PATRIOT Movement *Educational/Websites*) That 4 HEROIC WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPERS Have Created 4 AMERICA 4 The WORLD And 4 U!

more coming

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